Dawn Bourdo

bourdo-dawnMy favorite three words? Attention. To. Detail.

Luckily a real estate transaction is all about details. From preparing a home to list, making sure the photos show off your home’s best features, having the home look its best to creating all the marketing and having the entire place showtime-ready, the details are where it is at for me! I take pride in the presentation of the home to the market because I know that the timing is and having everything just right is what is going to help you get top dollar.

Running close second to details is compassion for my clients. It isn’t easy to buy or sell a home, but I am there, looking out for your interests. Whenever possible, I put myself in your shoes and help you move forward in a way that is comfortable to you and is in line with your goals. Because in the end, this home buying or selling process is about you.

I was raised in Wisconsin and am a graduate of UW-Madison – Go Badgers! I cut my teeth in the Chicago real estate market before moving to Seattle in 1993. At home in both rural and urban environments — perhaps that’s why I love Magnolia. I happily share a noisy household with my husband, daughter, our silly French bulldogs and a stunningly old bunny named Yukon Jack.

I don’t just live in Magnolia – I have raised my daughter here. The community has provided a wonderful backdrop for her life. From the parks to the community center, the friendly merchants in the Village, and proximity to Downtown Seattle, I cannot say enough good things about how special of a place it has been for all of us to see her grow up here.